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Title John W. Griffin Manuscript Collection
(Letters and correspondence of John W. Griffin from 1957-1961.)
Object Name Manuscript
Collection Manuscript Collection
Scope & Content ACQUISITION: Unknown.

SCOPE & CONTENT NOTES: John W Griffin was the first state-employed archaeologist for the Florida Park Service, and a former director of the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board. This collection incldes papers associated with his profession activities; Folder 1 contains letters and folder 2 contains other material of interest.

Folder 1 of 2 - (Letters in chronological order):

Date From - To Subject
01/24/57 J. Griffin - F. Kidder: SAHS Research Historian.
07/17/57 J. Griffin - A. Antonine: East Florida Papers Calendar,
Tibesar Project.
07/19/57 A. Tibesar - J. Griffin: East Florida Papers Calendar
08/01/57 J. Griffin - A. Tibesar: Meeting.
09/03/57 J. Griffin - A. Tibesar: Meeting & Project.
10/25/57 A. Tibesar - J. Griffin: Request for Pictures.
10/29/57 J. Griffin - H. Smith: Request for Pictures.
10/29/57 J. Griffin - A. Tibesar: Further research on pictures.
01/30/58 D. Wiles - J. Griffin: Exhibit weapons settling
in Gainesville.
02/27/58 J. Griffin - D. Wiles: Exhibit weapons settling
in Gainesville.02/24/58 J. Griffin - J. Van Campen: Report promised.
02/28/58 Wm. Griffin - J. Griffin: Translatons of documents.
04/09/58 J. Harris - J. Griffin: Archaeology report of Oldest
04/24/58 J. Harris - J. Griffin: Archaeology report.
05/05/58 J. Griffin - J. Harris: Status update.
05/06/58 J. Griffin - J. Harria: 1954 dig Archaeology specimen
05/09/58 J. Harris - J. Griffin: Oldest House Tile Portraits &
building materials.
05/22/58 J. Harris - J. Griffin: School History Publication
06/09/58 J. Griffin - J. Harris: Partial report on Oldest House.
06/20/58 J. Harris - J. Griffin: Suggested removal of Tower &
10/30/58 J. Harris - J. Griffin: News account of H. Smith's dig.
11/07/58 Albert Manucy - J. Griffin: Meeting.
11/10/58 J. Griffin - Albert Manucy: Meeting.
11/12/58 Albert Manucy - J. Griffin: Expensed to finish report.
12/15/58 Doris Wiles - J. Griffin: Copies of report.
12/26/58 J. Harris - J. Griffin: Escribano article.
03/30/59 J. Harris - J. Griffin: Box of books.
05/21/59 Doris Wiles - J. Griffin: Picture for archaeology report.
03/29/60 J. Griffin - J. Harris: SAHS By-Laws & Constitution.
03/30/60 J. Griffin - Doris Wiles: Left book.
04/01/60 Doris Wiles - J. Griffin: "scuttle-butt" on the Lawson
"collection" & Mr. Wessels
biography of Gen. Loring.
06/16/60 Doris Wiles - J. Griffin: Announcment of posseession
of Reyes estate documents.
06/20/60 J. Griffin - Doris Wiles: Photostat of 1778 grant
06/22/60 Doris Wiles - J. Griffin: 1778 grant.
07/19/60 J. Griffin - Doris Wiles: Return of print.
08/30/60 J. Harris - J. Griffin: Oldest House development plan.
04/23/92 John Battenfield - Mark Fretwell: Invitation to attend
Commencement at the University of Florida where Mr.
J. W. Griffin will be recognized with the honorary
degree, Doctor of Humane Letters, on 05/02/1992.

FOLDER LIST: Folder 2 of 2 - (Other Material):
1) "Test Excavations at the Lake Jackson Site", by J. W. Griffin.
(Reprint from American Antiquity, 10/1950).
2) Compilation of dated material from the Oldest House Dig, by
3) Speech given soon after the at opening of Albert Manucy Hall.
4) Program: "The Indian Image in History and Fine Arts", 1982
Exhibit at the St. Augustine Art Association.
5) Program: Florida Historical Society, 1981 meeting, "Ecology
and the Environment".
6) Business cards - John W. Griffin, Executive Historian,
St. Augustine Historical Society.
7) "History and the St. Augustine Bayfront", J. Griffin, 05/1957.
8) Sun Coast Archaeological and Paleontological Society
publication, 07/1993, memorial to J. W. Griffin.
9) Report of the Executive Historian to the Annual Meeting of
the St. Augustine Historical Society, 1955.
10) Press release - John W. Griffin biography, for the publication
of "The Oldest House. Typed on the reverse of Griffin's
11/17/1982 announcement of SAHS Executive Director
Marcy-Jean Mattson. Page 2 is on the reverse of a letter
(08/31/1982) to/from Jacqueline Bearden, Acting Admin.
Officer, concerning the opening of a museum store at the
Oldest House.
11) "The Missions of La Florida," by John W. Griffin, presented
to the St. Augustine Historical Society, 01 16/1990.
12) Press release - Pat Griffin biography; for the publication of
"The Oldest House".
13) Memo (no date): J. Griffin to Doris Wiles requesting a copy
of Hale Smith's report.
14) "Survey Coquina Ruins in Old Fort Park," by J. W. Griffin &
Robert Steinbach, 06/1990. Published 05/06/1994 in
MUSQUETO NEWSLETTER, S.E. Volusia Historical Soc.
15) Memo - 05/09/58, Doris Wiles to J. W. Griffin regarding
missing microfilm, and also Lawson's nefarious activities.
16) Thank you card dated 02/21/1973 to J. W. Griffin from Lady
Bird Johnson acknowledging receipt of the expression of
sympathy from members of the Historic St.Augustine
Preservation Board upon the death of her husband.
17) Acknowledgement of sympathy sent to Lady Bird Johnson
upon death of Lyndon Baines Johnson, 02/26/73.
18) John W. Griffin proposal to St. Augustine Historical Society Board of Directors,
Jan 1956, regarding the expansion of the History Division.

Date 03/18/2010
Year Range from 1955
Year Range to 1992
Dates of Accumulation Verified 08/2013 by Owens.
People Griffen, Wm. B.
Griffin, John W.
Harris, J. Carver
Manucy, Albert C.
Smith, Hale G.
Tibesar, Antonine
Van Campen, J. T.
Wiles, Doris Coleman
Johnson, Lady Bird
Object ID MC16.108
Library Location 12-1-A
Storage Contents MC16.108, Box 16-16: Two folders.